Welcome to Crossword Express.
Crossword Express is a program which you can use to create all of the word, number and logic puzzles included in the following:-

  • Automatic construction applies to all puzzles, and in some cases you can also use manual construction.
  • Solve the puzzles interactively using the integrated Solve functions.
  • Print the puzzles directly to the printer, or to PDF files.
  • Export the puzzles to graphics files having the following formats BMP : GIF : JPG : PNG
  • Export the puzzles to the system Clipboard ready for pasting into your preferred WP or DTP application.
  • Crossword Express is free. No payment is required.

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Crossword Express Version : 20160831
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Solve Interactive puzzles Online ... New puzzles every day.
Click a graphic to start solving.
Solving this puzzle each day is the guaranteed way of expanding your vocabulary.
Much more than a crossword! All of the clues are challenging quiz questions. You probably won't know all of the answers, but Google will always come to the rescue.
Generate and solve your own Akari puzzles in your choice of four difficulty levels.
Generate and solve your own Gokigen puzzles in your choice of six difficulty levels.
Generate and solve your own Minesweeper puzzles in your choice of four difficulty levels.
Generate and solve your own Sudoku puzzles in your choice of eleven difficulty levels.
The words in each of these puzzles follow a particular theme. When you have completed the solution, there will be a few letters left over which spell out the theme of the puzzle.
Please note:-
  • These puzzles will operate on iPad and most other mobile devices.
  • All of these Web Applications can be exported by Crossword Express, giving you the opportunity of publishing any or all of these interactive puzzles on your own web site.
  • All puzzles are equipped with a Help button. If any of the puzzles are unfamiliar to you, the Help should explain everything.
  • You can build all of these puzzles (and many others) using Crossword Express.