A Sixpack Puzzle is not really a puzzle in its own right. It is a collection of six puzzles selected from the extensive list of puzzles which can be made using Crossword Express. This list of puzzles will grow over time with a potential target of some twenty puzzles.
This graphic is a size-reduced image of one page of a PDF file produced directly by the Sixpack function of Crossword Express. The complete PDF file consists of 14 pages with the puzzles on the odd numbered pages and the solutions on the even numbered pages. It is in fact a set of puzzles for a full week, with the easiest puzzles in set number 1 (intended for publication on a Monday) and the most difficult puzzles in set number 7 (intended for Sunday). Publishers may publish them free of charge with my compliments.

The key features of Crossword Express Sixpack Puzzles are as follows:-